Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Always Something

It's always something... 
I had been babysitting my sweet grandson, Hudson, and was stopping here and there and the way home. 
Voice message from hubby...we had a little problem...toilet overflowed and no one was at home to catch it.
Hmmm,  really don't want to hurry home since it is under control, so I stop a few more places.

I get home and my house has been ripped apart! 

The boys bathroom where it all started

water into Connor's room which I had just painted 2 weeks before

ripping out the ceiling in our closet which is below the boys bathroom

down to the HVAC system in the basement

a dumpster full of debris

Huge industrial fans and dehumidifiers on all 3 floors putting out tons of heat, turn off the a/c in the house and it's 95 degrees outside.
So we bunk out on sofas, boys spend the nights with friends, and cleanup continues.....