Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A First!

Reading through other blogs, I have noticed that the authors mention the friendships they make and the people they connect with are among the greatest benefits of blogging. 

Even though I have not had many comments or views on my blog as of yet, I can already feel the sense of community and see how these friendships nurture and encourage.

My last post was about link parties and I actually dared to step outside my little world and post a link on another blog.  Imagine my surprise when I read the newest post from that blog and saw my entry among the items she featured!!!

THANK YOU to Debra from Common Ground for hosting The Marketplace.  Here are some of the items she featured along with my French Script Rose Pillow...

                                                       Vintage European Dough Board
                                                                 from Rusty Hinge

                                                               from Sew a Fine Seam

                                                             Exmoor Home Works
                                                                   Jute Tote Bag


Urban Farmhouse Chic

Be sure to stop by Common Ground and see all the other great posts and items in The Marketplace!

(I've got to work on how to line up all the words and pictures...all suggestions welcome...Janet)!


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